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November 5, 2022
Can I Conduct a 1031 Exchange Before a Divorce?

These days, with the U.S. economy on unstable ground, and with many Floridians still recovering...

October 28, 2022
How Can I Keep My Family Business Separate Property after Marriage in Florida?

It’s one of the more commonly asked questions on the topic of property division: how...

October 15, 2022
What Are the Reasons to Consider a Separation Agreement? A Florida Divorce Lawyer Explains

Separating from a partner can be a difficult decision for both, whether you choose to...

October 6, 2022
Why Consulting with an Attorney Before Marriage Can Be Advantageous

Marriage is undeniably one of the most critically important institutions in our society. Even today,...

October 6, 2022
What Items Can Be Included in a Florida Prenup?

Often regarded as a tool of the 1%, prenuptial agreements (“prenups”) are contractual arrangements which...

September 28, 2022
Who Keeps the Engagement Ring in a Broken Engagement in Florida?

One of the most commonly asked questions when a couple breaks up after getting engaged...

September 28, 2022
How is Cryptocurrency Divided in a Florida Divorce?

Unless you’ve had the news shut off for several years, you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin,...

September 15, 2022
3 Important Things to Know About Florida Prenuptial Agreements from a Prenup Lawyer

You've just gotten engaged, and the idea of creating a prenuptial agreement (prenup) has crossed...

August 15, 2022
An Experienced Miami Divorce Lawyer Shares Tips on Divorcing a Narcissist

Sometimes adversarial behavior during a divorce can be driven by narcissistic traits in your spouse’s...

July 15, 2022
An Experienced Florida Divorce Attorney Explains Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

You just got engaged and are excited about planning for the big day. After meeting...

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